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Diet Plans

Diets Debunked can create a guided meal plan which is tailored to you. We consider your nutritional needs, personal preferences and lifestyle to create a unique meal plan which is sustainable and easy to follow.

1:1 consultations with a Dietitian

Specialist nutrition advice and action plans from a Registered Dietitian, which not only focus on improving your diet but also prioritise behaviour change methods to ensure you make the changes for life.

Dietitian in your pocket

A unique feature in the dietetics space which allows you to have constant contact with a dietitian, wherever you are. Whether you aren’t sure if your meal is on plan, you are lacking in motivation, or you’re finding the changes difficult to implement, you can contact us anytime and we can help support you between 1:1 sessions.

Education sessions

Tired of the noise in the nutrition space online? Get answers to all of your burning questions, including evidence-based information on weight loss, weight gain, diets and metabolism in our education sessions.

Corporate Freelance

Are you a company looking to hire a nutrition professional to help benefit the health of your employees? Diets Debunked offers a corporate freelancing hire service which can cover a range of conditions including weight management, diabetes and cardiovascular health.

Specialist Dietetic intervention

With specialist knowledge in a plethora of nutrition topics including nutrition support, weight management, diabetes, cardiac health, IBS (low FODMAP diets) and more, Diets Debunked can provide you with tailored and effective nutrition advice.

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