Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy sets out how Diets Debunked uses and protects any personal information that you provide us with. You will be provided with a copy of this if you choose to access Nutrition and Dietetic services with us.

At Diets Debunked, we are committed to storing and using your data safely and in line with GDPR regulation.

We will only ask for necessary information for effective clinical practice and this information will be stored securely and in accordance to GDPR regulation. We will never sell your data, and will never share your data unless with your express permission to other healthcare professionals.

This privacy policy is effective from 07/02/2022 and will be regularly reviewed and updated.

Why do you need my data?:

  • We collect your data, with your permission, in order to provide freelance, independent dietetic services to you for your healthcare requirements.

What information will you collect?: 

  • Name, DOB, sex, next of kin, living situation.
  • Contact information – home address, email and contact telephone numbers;
  • GP contact information- including GP name and address;
  • Clinical and health information, which may include but is not exclusive to; past medical history, medications you take, current occupation, current lifestyle, supplements that you take, diet history, other aspects of your social history, alcohol intake, anthropometry (e.g. weight and height), current clinical condition.

Why do we need this information?: 

We require this information in order to effectively and safely provide you with Nutrition and Dietetic services. We are required to collect this information for professional clinical record keeping in accordance with the British Dietetic Association Guidance for Records and Record Keeping.

We may also require this information if we are working with other healthcare professionals. In these circumstances, we will require your express permission before this is shared.

In exceptional circumstances, information about a client may be disclosed without consent if it is in the public interest to do so. This might be in circumstances where disclosing the information is necessary to prevent a serious crime or serious harm to other people. 

How do I know my data is secure?:

Diets Debunked ensures that your information is secure by putting in standard operating guidelines in accordance with GDPR regulation to safeguard your data and ensure that your data is kept secure.

The nutritional analysis software that we use, Nutrium, as well as the video-conference software we use, is fully GDPR compliant and secure.

Our pledge to you:

We will never sell, share or disclose your personal information to a third party unless we have your express permission to do so, or we are required to by law (for example, in the event that the information provided will prevent a serious crime).

We aim to be fully transparent, and as such you can request details of the information that we hold about you under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). If you would like a copy of the information held on our files, please contact Kate Hilton on [email protected].

We aim to keep our records fully up to date and accurate. If you believe that any information we are holding on you is incorrect or incomplete, please contact us as soon as possible. We will then endeavour to correct this promptly.

Any records made regarding to the care or treatment of a client will be stored for 8 years in line with British Dietetic Association Guidance for Records and Record Keeping.  


How can I withdraw my permissions and request to be deleted from your files?

You can withdraw consent and request to be deleted from our files at any time if you no longer wish for us to store your data. Please contact Kate Hilton at [email protected] to do this.

I have some more questions. How do I contact you about these?

If you have any questions relating to anything around GDPR and data protection, please contact Kate Hilton at [email protected]