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“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Kate over the last few months. I had psoriasis which was unmanaged, and the diet has worked wonders for reducing the breadth of it, reducing inflammation, and improving my general energy levels. Kate is exceptionally knowledgeable, very friendly, and extremely personable. She is research lead and ensures that the diet is tailored to you and provides great support outside of sessions as well. Kate is completely understanding and non-judgmental, she is charming and funny, and creates a very relaxed environment to discuss your health needs and your outcomes whilst setting realistic goals, and offering fantastic advice. She has genuinely had such a profoundly positive impact on my mental and physical health, not only has the psoriasis gone, but I have lost a great deal of weight and feel much more energised, and happier than prior to starting sessions. If you are second guessing if she’s right for you then don’t; working with Diets Debunked will be the best decision you have ever made.”

– Cameron

I contacted Kate in June 2023 as she was the best local fit for my issues with IBS and diabetes. I initially wanted to pay monthly, but I was so impressed with Kate’s forms that I immediately switched to paying 3 months in advance.

Although I only asked for help with my IBS, Kate also wanted to help with the diabetes aspects of my diet. As a result of Kate’s requests for more blood sugar readings, I decided to invest in the Abbotts Laboratories Continuous Glucose Monitoring sensors. Kate turned out to be an expert on that too. As a result of our fortnightly Zoom calls, and some cajoling, I have improved my blood sugar compliance levels which has reduced my tiredness. Also, Kate made an unexpected conclusion about the FODMAP foods to which I was intolerant resulting in some diet changes and a significant reduction in my IBS symptoms.

Kate’s news has not always been welcome, but fortunately, the ancient Greek custom of killing the bearer of bad news has long been abolished.Kate has been flexible with appointment times. Kate promptly sends a word document summarising the conclusions of the call in case you forget. Kate seems to be completely up to date on the latest medical research in a fast-moving area of medicine.
I have no hesitation in recommending Kate’s services.

– Richard

“I had no idea what to expect when jumping into working with Kate and figured that it would be yet another failed dieting attempt- how wrong I was!

For the first time in my life, I have never felt like I was dieting.

I always knew that I needed to eat in moderation, but I never actually knew how to actually do or maintain that. Every trainer or gym person I’ve worked in the past has been super judgemental for even taking a sniff at “naughty” foods like chocolate etc- as if you’ve completely gone off the rails.

With Kate, I never, ever felt that I was judged, even on my lowest days. I may have felt like a lost cause and that I would never lose the weight I wanted to, however she never made me feel like that, not once. Kate knew how to make me feel better and empower me, to the point where I have now lost over 12kg (2 stone) and have maintained this weight loss for the first time in my life. The genuine care and support she has shown has been the best I have ever experienced from a professional and means more to me than you could ever imagine. So thank you so, so much Kate!”

– Abid

“I worked through the low-FODMAP diet with Kate and it has been hugely helpful. It is quite a challenging diet but with Kate’s help and advice I was able to work through it step-by-step and successfully figure out what foods I need to avoid in the future. It’s greatly improved my quality of life and allowed me to be more confident now with what I eat, knowing what to reduce/remove and not forever worrying how something I eat will affect me. Kate is so approachable and creates an environment where you can feel comfortable talking about your issues and symptoms. She was also really supportive throughout the process and I’m so grateful for her support over the last few months!”


In the 3 months we worked together, Kate has completely transformed my relationship with food. Coming from a background of restrictive dieting from a young age, I wanted to be able to lose weight while breaking the emotional connections I have with food and avoiding falling back into restrictive habits. Not only did she help me do this, but the whole process felt incredibly easy — I kept waiting for it to feel difficult but it never did! Beyond that, she’s helped me in so many other ways. I feel in tune with my body for the first time in my life (I can recognise when I’m satisfied, hungry, when a craving is driven by stress or emotions) and I have an understanding of nutrition which is far beyond what I could’ve imagined. Kate has given me the tools to navigate all sorts of social and emotional situations so I know I can handle anything. Most importantly, she’s helped me trust myself and has given me so much freedom around food! Kate has been supportive and encouraging throughout the whole process, and these few months have inspired me to make much wider changes to improve my health and happiness well into the future. I can’t recommend Kate enough!

– Ella

I have been working with Kate since May 2022. In that time, I have found her to be professional, courteous, highly motivational, and exceptionally knowledgeable with regards to food, diet and nutrition. Simply by adjusting my food intake, and without yet incorporating exercise, I managed to lose 20kg (just over 3 stone) between May 2022 and December 2022. At no point have I felt hungry. I don’t regard it as a diet, I see it simply as a new way of eating. Having tried many diets in the past, and failed every time, I know that I could not have done this without Kate’s help. I even lost weight over the Christmas holidays! I would not hesitate to recommend Kate to anyone looking to learn and implement her knowledge with a view to better and healthier eating, not to mention weight loss. The plan is to lose at least the same again in 2023, and I know that “we” will achieve this together.

– Robert

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“Kate helped me to realign my goals and stick to them, all whilst being approachable, friendly and knowledgable!”

Addie Clarke, Client

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